Barra Series
Barra 35_300x235 Barra 40

We have improved the classic Australian barramundi design for you to stalk your favourite in-shore water, rivers and lakes more effectively, safely and economically.

The ultimate in-shore boat features a rounded design with a wide shallow vee to take on choppy waters when you to get there or get home quickly and safely Find your prey Barra provides you great stability for casting, fighting and landing fish.

There is enough room for 3 to 4 persons and a higher load capacity means you can store more gear on-board. Bolt on a 15hp outboard engine and she will do more than 20 knots comfortably. Most importantly at only 70 kg (Barra 40). She fits a roof rack....and can be easily loaded or unloaded by 2 persons.

Barra 35

Length: 3.5M Width: 1.54M Weight: 58KG Max Hp: 10HP Seats: 2 Floatation

Barra 40

Length: 4.0M Width: 1.54M Weight: 70KG Max Hp: 15HP Seats: 3 Floataion