Bujuk Family
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These are lightweight punt for up to 4 people who enjoy fishing for Toman, Haruan, Bujuk and Sebarau. Its flat bottom provides excellent stability for casting lures. It is designed for shallow water use. The boat is easily carried on the rooftop of the average family car. This is your passport to lakes, rivers, estuaries and mangrove swamps.

Bujuk 10

Length: 3.1M Width: 1.22M Weight: 40KG Max Hp: 5HP Seats: 2 Floatation

Bujuk 12

Length: 3.7M Width: 1.22M Weight: 51KG Max Hp: 8HP Seats: 3 Floatation

Bujuk 12 Tournament

Length: 3.7M Width: 1.22M Weight: 68KG Max Hp:15HP Seats: 2 Floatation

Bujuk 15

Length: 4.55M Width: 1.4M Weight: 85KG Max Hp: 15HP Seats: 3 Floatation